At Green Chamber, we have been in touch with our partner, Goodr, an Atlanta-based company who provides the logistics and people to help reduce food waste and fight hunger.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Goodr is offering four ways for you to help in this time of emergency.

Way to Help #1 - Donate Surplus Food

Goodr has introduced an emergency one-time pick-up request option. This is for businesses looking to donate food to a local non-profit.

Contact Goodr directly to set-up your pick-up.

Way to Help #2 - Sponsor a Pick-up

You can sponsor a pick-up for food donors unable to pay for pick-ups. This allows Goodr to pay drivers at this critical time to safely pick up and deliver items directly to people in need.

Way to Help #3 - Purchase Meals

Atlanta Public School (APS) social workers are working with Goodr to identify families in need.

Goodr is purchasing and delivering groceries to these families, which range in size from two to eight children. The cost of this work is approximately $25 per child, which provides families with meats, cereals, fruit and vegetables and bread as well as beverages.

Want to help? You can sponsor any amount.

Way to Help #4 - Place an Order

Goodr is also allowing people to purchase pick-up orders at Kroger and Target. 

Goodr will pick-up orders and deliver them to families.

If you choose this option, please email your receipt and pick up time.

Goodr’s email address is and the zip code is 30312.