Green Chamber COVID-19 Update

Members, partners, and friends;

Like all of you, we have been planning for COVID-19 impacts. Though this specific scenario was not contemplated, our current structure provides agility in support of continuing our mission. Accordingly, we will be pushing Green Chamber events to later in the year while looking for opportunities to utilize our network for community impact as follows:

  1. Member Meeting and Events – Our Member Meeting will be pushed back to the summer. Initial plans had been developed for the meeting to be held in early April with a Sustainability in Brewing follow-up event in June. We anticipate these events to now be paired closer to the middle of the year. A couple events are planned for late summer into fall and will remain in place. Sustainability Interactive 8 is still set for November 9.
  2. Board Nomination, Vote, and Installation – With the addition of three new board members and confirmation of existing board members in 2019, it was proposed that the current board continue through 2020 while looking for nominations into 2021. Nominations will be accepted for consideration in 2020 and does not preclude additions to the current makeup should interested candidates be engaged.
  3. Equity and Resiliency – As a critical component of sustainability, we recognize that planning for impacts to a range of community and economic systems are already in place but could be supplemented with targeted initiatives. We are developing approaches to offer our support where possible especially for disproportionate effects. We ask that those with ideas and means to build equity and resilience in the system work to reduce effects as available.

Thank you for being a partner. We look forward to further development of a sustainable and resilient southeast.

On behalf of the board of the Green Chamber of the South:

Mike Shoemaker