About the Green Chamber of the South

The Green Chamber of the South is dedicated to one core purpose: to bring together businesses and Website Icon (favicon)Website Icon (favicon)organizations across the Southeast to promote the growth, innovation and success of sustainability. The Green Chamber connects sustainable businesses, clean technology companies, corporations with sustainability programs, nonprofits and government organizations throughout the Southeast so that they may create enduring business connections, share best green practices, learn from one another and grow both their own bottom lines as well as create new green jobs.  Members can learn directly from one another, collaborate, form partnerships or complimentary business solutions, all to the end of increasing profitability of sustainability.  

We provide networking opportunities, workshops, roundtables, mixers and seminars, as well as a Greenhouse Accelerator that assists startups with crowdfunding.

Since its founding in 2008, the Green Chamber of the South has experienced continual, rapid growth.  Current Green Chamber members include small, medium, and large businesses as well as nonprofit organizations, government entities, individuals and students.  The Green Chamber of the South continues to be dedicated to profitable sustainable business growth in the Southeast United States, and we hope you will join us in that mission.

Our Founders

Ofra Tessler

Co-founder of Green Chamber of the South

Galit Levitin, Ph.D.

Co-founder of Green Chamber of the South