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Are you interested in learning more about reducing your environmental impact? Strengthening your relationships with your customers? Streamlining your operating costs or gaining market share?

We are fully committed to the philosophy that developing a sustainable business strategy makes good business sense – for your bottom line, employees, partners and the community at large. And we are here to help you thrive. Through opportunities to CONNECT, COLLABORATE, LEARN and GROW, The Green Chamber of the South creates lively, engaging forums for you to meet others who share your interests and who do business in sustainable, profitable ways. By coming together to strengthen and promote our businesses, we are promoting the growth of sustainable economies throughout the Southeast, the U.S. and the world. We welcome your participation.

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Green Wednesday, February 1, 2017, 11:45 -1 pm @ 5 Seasons Westside



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Amanda Lucey - Board Chair

Moxie Media and Marketing

Michael Shoemaker - Vice Chair

Wenck Associates

Bo Jackson - Treasurer

Sol Power Energy Corporation

Scott Sadler - Immediate Past Chair and Events Chair

Boardwalk Capital Management

Bonnie Daneker - Secretary