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Emrgy uses unique gear-box technology to pack turbine-and-generator systems into small, modular and scalable units.  These micro-hydropower systems can be installed in existing waterways of water treatment facilities to supplement their own power needs.



SolDeSal deploys industrial and municipal-scale solar thermal desalination technology to serve global fresh water needs in a cost-effective, environmentally sustainable manner.  The SolDeSal solution is based on a unique integration of conventional and new, patented technologies and can be applied to coastal ocean water as well as to brackish inland water.

Intelligent Energy Optimizers’ LED and induction technology consumes 60 to 80% less energy than fluorescent and metal halide lighting and 20% less than competing LED and induction lights.  The lights last longer, emit less heat, do not flicker or vibrate, are UL approved and require virtually no maintenance.

Advance Power Solutions uses conductive ink to install a heating element on solar cells (during manufacturing, or as retrofit).  In combination with temperature and snowfall sensors the system keeps the solar cells clear of snow and increases their annual production capacity by over 10%.

Biochar Central converts wood and agricultural waste to biochar through a proprietary pyrolysis technology. The biochar is complemented with compost and offered as a powerful soil amendment, resulting in higher yields and more efficient use of water and nutrients.  The modular and portable design allows for flexible and cost-efficient application of the technology.

Consensus Energy is an environmental services company that designs, installs, maintains and finances retrofit and upgrade projects to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and facilities. It offers energy audits, lighting retrofits, power quality improvements, utility rate analysis, energy savings measurement and verification, tax consulting, project financing and rebate/incentive compliance.

EcoVie designs and installs rainwater systems for commercial properties, institutions, and homes – from systems that capture and distribute rainwater to solutions for stormwater management, high efficiency irrigation and green roofs.

Evgentech is developing a fast-charging battery technology that can reduce the time it takes to charge a lithium-ion battery fully from a minimum of three hours using conventional processes to about one hour.  Testing has also produced lower charging temperatures, greater energy efficiency and longer battery life.

Retrofit America is deploying an IT platform to ramp up demand for home energy efficiency retrofits nationwide. Its Home Retrofit Challenge™ platform will engage neighborhoods and companies in tracking home retrofit results that are implemented by a national network of the leading contractors. With RFA’s Home Retrofit IT System™ these contractors will streamline their management of energy efficiency retrofits.



SOURCIFY is a green-technology platform for measuring, analyzing and modeling environmental footprint data and the associated cost margins, for the complete product lifecycle from production facility operations to final products on shelves.  Sourcify enables manufacturers to determine the true cost-of-goods sold, and avoid financial risks associated with environmental regulations.

Sustainer is developing an advanced ecologically conscious disposable drinking cup. The cup can be made from 100% recycled materials and is itself recyclable. A second version is a carry-friendly reusable cup.




Kinetics uses piezo-enabled generators embedded in pavement to produce electricity from traffic moving over that surface and feeds it into the grid.


Upshots deploys new technological options to re-use rawmaterials gained from used cooking oil for high-value pharmaceutical applications.


PhytoSynthetix is a horticultural lighting company specializing in ultra-high performance LED illumination systems for photosynthetic applications.  The company is developing a biophotonic feedback system that allows the LED lights to communicate with the plants providing maximum plant growth with minimum energy consumption.

The CTO, Erico Mattos, explains in 90 seconds.

Thermacote manufactures a proprietary, high performance ceramic coating that insulates exposed surfaces. The ultra-low VOC thermal barrier and protective coating is spray-applied and, when dry, looks like flat latex paint.  It conserves energy, provides a vapor barrier that breathes, reduces condensation, is lightweight, contains built in rust/corrosion inhibitors, has high solar reflectance, and extremely versatile application.

Bline brings sustainable practices to wash and dry cleaning by introducing treatment methods that use less energy and no harmful chemicals.