What We Do

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The Problems We Address


Starting Up. There is a large attrition rate during the startup phase of new companies, many never gaining enough traction to attract sufficient customers and/or financial support. The key reason is that the management team, while very able and highly motivated, lacks some key business skills and/or experiences.


Scaling Up. During the later growth stages, companies are often unable to adapt to the requirements of scaling up and continue in the rut of business-as-usual. Consequently, they miss growth opportunities; or worse, they lose out to competition altogether and fade away.  


Operating Sustainably. Even small businesses are becoming aware of the need to adopt more sustainable business practices, but they don’t quite know where to begin that transition, how to assess their current impacts, and how to define appropriate sustainability initiatives.   Our primary focus is on early-stage startups.


The network and support provided by the Greenhouse has been instrumental to our company's progress. Our meetings with industry professionals in a relaxed setting encouraged more robust feedback and greater insight into our business.

Alec Manfre, co-founder of Bractlet

The Solutions We Offer

To Greenhouse Accelerator entrepreneurs, we provide:

  • A lead mentor, together with a mentoring team, for the duration of the acceleration period of approximately three years
  • Regular meetings (at least monthly) to discuss ongoing concerns and business challenges
  • Operations and market development guidance from industry and subject matter experts
  • Regular introductions to potential customers and partners
  • Seed capital in the form of loans up to an amount of $50,000, as needed and available
  • Interactive educational workshops for the entrepreneurs, their advisors and industry guests
  • Quarterly forum amongst the entrepreneurs
  • Networking opportunities