About The Greenhouse

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Sustainable operations are the norm for companies in the South


To help cleantech entrepreneurs create local sustainable jobs


We are a non-profit organization and provide our help for free

We work with our entrepreneurs over a period of up to three years

We make no-interest, no-collateral seed loans

The Greenhouse Accelerator provides our firm with an outside viewpoint that helps us attack our challenges in a better way that would not be possible from down here in the trenches.

Bob Drew, CEO and founder of Ecovie


We measure our success along a Triple Bottom Line – People, Profits, Planet:

Jobs created

Revenue generated

Resources used efficiently (eg less waste, fewer greenhouse gas emissions, lower water usage, more renewable energy)

Application for the Program

We are always open

Interest in Mentoring

We are looking for successful entrepreneurs who have the desire and the time to give back and help an aspiring entrepreneur

For more information on the Greenhouse Accelerator, please contact us at greenhouse@greencs.org.